At Evolution Healthcare, we dedicate ourselves to providing superior health and wellbeing for all our people in our care, in facilities that promote innovation, enabling staff and specialists to be their best.

Evolution Healthcare benchmarks against best practice industry standards and takes part in annual quality improvement awards showcasing quality initiatives across all our health services.

Clinical governance is supported by regular robust reviews that gather key performance data from various sources to identify trends and improvement opportunities.

Proactives quality management system is externally audited and certified against the New Zealand Standard NZS 8171:2005 (Allied Health Services Sector Standard).

What our clients say about us

  • Epic team. Knowledgeable professional and diligent. Thank you for the support
  • Awesome people who do their absolute best to help in any way they can.
  • Easy communication, thoughtful time slots were given.
  • The treatment went well, with a clear pathway to recovery.
  • Excellent thank you
  • The service was amazing and the communication with ACC so that everything went smoothly for my transition back to the work place was awesome.
  • Was very impressed with the prompt, personable and efficient service that was given.
  • Everyone that I came in contact with was very helpful.
  • They all went beyond what I thought was their jobs helping me in any way they could and doing everything they could to make sure my recovery was successful while helping to make sure every part of my needs where met.
  • I’m very grateful to have had them helping me to become even better than I was before my accident
  • Outstanding and very professional
  • Very friendly inviting receptionist puts you at ease from the start.
  • Clean facilities.
  • Andy very knowledgeable and goes at your pace.
  • Explains everything well. Friendly place and environment.
  • They are all excellent
  • I was encouraged to be part of writing the ‘stay at work plan’ to use my input as to what will work best for all involved.
  • Absolutely fabulous individualised service. Would not want to go anywhere else!!
  • I was extremely impressed with all the services offered to help with my rehabilitation.
  • Delightful friendly staff who know their stuff and can communicate it very effectively. Caring thoughtful and encouraging
  • I’m really happy with the service proactive team provided.
  • Thanks for each and every one who stand beside me on my hard times and getting back to my normal life routines.
  • Absolutely loved my time at Proactive. always felt totally at ease, and looked forward to coming.
  •  Communication was great, and everything went very smoothly. Thank you!
  • Very amenable to adjusting to meet our needs
  • Excellent interaction with the team
  • Whole process was seamless with a lot of flexibility. Staff very approachable and helpful
  • Very helpful and friendly. They do a great job
  • Very satisfied with the service.


Proactive Rehab Client Feedback Survey:

Question Timeframe Score
How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
0 = Not at all likely; 10 = Extremely Likely
1 Jan – 31 Dec 2022 8.9 / 10
To what extent did the service that you received from Proactive help your recovery, rehabilitation or overall wellbeing?
0 = Not at all helpful; 10 = Very helpful
1 Jan – 31 Dec 2022 8.7 / 10


Safety and Accreditation

Client Safety

Effective patient safety measures include certification against safe practice standards, the establishment of a governance (monitoring) and credentialing system and open incident reporting and review are all hallmarks of patient focused care.


Proactive undertakes certification against the following standards:

Allied Health Services Sector Standard (NZS 8171:2005):

This standard is designed to establish consistent, safe, and reasonable levels of care for consumers of services provided by allied health professionals. Additionally, it provides a consistent framework for safety and continuous improvement of these services. The standard aligns with the requirements of NZS 8134 Health and Disability Sector standards, however focuses on the specific needs of consumers of services provided by allied health professionals.

Level 4 Accreditation Te Kāhui Kāhu (Social Services Accrediation)

These standards are provided by the New Zealand Government for the accreditation of providers funded by government to deliver social services. Accreditation to these standards demonstrates an organisation can deliver safe, quality services to their community and government agencies.

Clinical Governance

At Evolution Healthcare we strive for an environment which fosters excellence in client care. Accordingly, our Clinical Governance framework ensures our organisation is accountable for the quality of our service and the standards of care provided, as well as promoting a culture of continuous improvement where excellence in care can flourish.

At Proactive, safety and quality is promoted and reviewed through the national Quality Improvement and Clinical Governance (QI&CG) Committee. This committee, led by the Clinical Director, supports the General Managers in overseeing clinical standards within the organisation by ensuring an environment of best practice. The aims of the QI&CG committee are to improve client outcomes, improve the collaboration and efficiency within our teams, reduce significant adverse events, raise client satisfaction, and increase the job satisfaction of our team. This is achieved through regular reviews of: staff management, development, education, and training; clinical outcome data; clinical audit; clinical risk management; and service user feedback.

Client Experience

Client experience reporting has proven to reduce risk and improve health outcomes. Evolution Healthcare undertakes to provide the opportunity for all those using our services to tell us about their experiences. Using an online feedback survey, everyone who utilises our services (and provides us with their email) are sent an electronic survey.

Rehab (client feedback)

Through this feedback, Evolution Healthcare is able to monitor and review our rehabilitation service and team performance against key areas including;

  • Kindness and compassion – how well were our clients understood and treated?
  • Dignity, respect, and support – how well were our clients cultural needs catered to?
  • Communication and information – how well were our clients involved in their rehabilitation planning, and were they listened to?
  • Recovery and wellbeing – how well did we provide education on topics that will improve our clients recovery and wellbeing?
  • Environment – were our clinics well presented?

Workplace health (employer feedback):

Through this feedback, Evolution Healthcare is able to monitor and review our workplace health service and team performance against key areas including;

  • Scheduling – was our scheduling system helpful, prompt and courteous?
  • Nursing staff – were they professional, prepared, and helpful?
  • Reporting – how well were our client’s reporting needs met?