Inpatient Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Inpatient Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services

Our Proactive clinicians provide inpatient physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for Evolution Healthcare’s Wakefield and Bowen Hospitals in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington.

We work with your surgeon and nursing team to provide you with a rehabilitation pathway that supports you in achieving optimal outcomes after your surgery. We also work collaboratively with your surgeon or specialist for non-surgical procedures.

Rehabilitation Planning

Arranging the appropriate assessments and coordinating the best team to work to identify your needs facilitating a seamless and integrated service with each component in place for when you need it in your rehabilitation journey

Key worker role

We play a key worker role across the team working with you to facilitate shared care communication, planning and rehabilitation progression


physiotherapy and other rehabilitation services prior to surgery to optimise outcomes following surgery if recommended by your specialist

Inpatient Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy post surgery whilst you are in hospital to ensure you get the advise you need and the support to be mobile and be able to return home

Seamless discharge:

into integrated rehabilitation services to ensure you continue physiotherapy with all the right people talking to each other to facilitate this process and arrange for the next steps required to achieve a full wellbeing outcome toward independence, return to study or work, home and social roles and sport

Post discharge rehabilitation

To achieve optimal wellbeing and independence different services may be planned and utilised to achieve your goals such as community or outpatient clinic physiotherapy, pain management, functional rehabilitation, home modification, post discharge and/or early acute needs equipment, returning to work support, sports physiotherapy, psychology and an array of other options if required for your needs and as would be identified in the rehabilitation planning phase with you

The Four Corners of Health

Throughout your recovery pathway Proactive health professionals can help teach you a range of strategies to help you optimise your recovery. We do this by offering guidelines relating to evidence based exercise, nutritional, sleep and psychological techniques that have been shown to improve recovery from surgery. The strategies that we help you apply will differ through your recovery pathway, but whether you are in the pre-surgery rehabilitation stage, getting discharged from hospital or rehabilitating to return to everyday activity, the Four Corners of Health approach can help.

Accessing our Services

Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy is available privately and via ACC, DHB or other insurance funders during inpatient stays post surgery.