On-site Physiotherapy

On-site Physiotherapy

Proactive provides nationwide post-surgical physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for Kiwis. 

Proactive’s post-surgical physiotherapy and rehabilitation services are designed to guide you through the recovery process, helping you to heal and safely rebuild the mobility, strength and endurance that you will need to make the most out of your surgery and prevent that “half recovery” that can happen when we don’t rebuild. 

For many injuries or illnesses, surgical intervention is required to ensure a full recovery, or recovery to the maximum extent possible. For injuries, this often involves the repair or replacement of damaged structures (such as tendons or ligaments), or debridement (cleaning up) of tissue that may be causing pain or mobility issues.  

More and more research however is showing that surgery alone is not enough to maximise your recovery. Many surgeries require a period of recovery, healing, and rehabilitation to ensure that our body repairs and adapts to the surgery, and that we can return to daily life, work and play in the safest and most complete way possible. 

Following surgery and a physiotherapy assessment, your physiotherapist will engage with your surgeon to help formulate a plan. This plan will involve a period of protection to ensure that the area that underwent the surgery heals and be followed by progressive exercise to regain strength, range of movement and balance or proprioception and return to normal activity as your body adapts. We can help you to understand how different lifestyle factors (such as your diet, sleep, activity) can help you to recover faster and more completely, providing you with a full programme that takes you from the healing phase to achieving your full recovery goals. 

Proactive provides inpatient physiotherapy within Wakefield and Bowen Hospitals in Wellington and community, home or clinic based post-surgical physiotherapy and rehabilitation throughout NZ. 

If you are under ACC, we also hold nationwide ACC contracts that allow you to access the necessary support for rehabilitation, returning to work, equipment, and more.

On-site Physiotherapy