Workstation Assessments

Injury prevention through workplace assessments

At Proactive, we focus on our Four Corners of Health approach to underpin the way in which we with the people in our care. Our Four Corners of Health approach focuses on Function (physical activity) Mindset, Nutrition (what we eat), and Sleep form the foundation of our health.

Proactive provides a comprehensive and bespoke approach to workstation injury prevention services.  Our tiered service offerings enable you to choose from brief 30 minute workstation evaluation and education – perfect for whole of office assessments, to more comprehensive workstation assessments that are valuable where pain, discomfort or an injury has been reported by one of your team or a Comprehensive Discomfort Pain Injury assessment which takes up to 3 hours.

Our expert clinicians will leave your team with education material and personalised advice on what was changed during the assessment, as well as education around how to alter their workstation for optimal performance themselves.  This leads to a client who is able to manage their own workstation long term with lower risk of injury or pain.

At all levels of complexity, our workstation assessments include Four Corners of Health advice relevant to the worker we are assessing.  Often, advice around workstation stretching, hydration or activity levels can positively impact on the outcome of these assessments.

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