Career Pathway

Career Pathways

Every health professional’s career is a journey. We all have different needs at different points along the way. The problem is, we will hit a road block that stops our progress. We accept our fate with nowhere to go or we sidestep it and leave the profession.

At Proactive, we get that, so we’ve created opportunities that will fit into where you are located in your career and your life. We’ve bulldozed the road block, and created pathways to extend or rejoin your journey so a career in health is more than just a case load.

Career Pathways

Graduate 2 years

Uni is behind you and your journey as a health professional is beginning. Growth and development is important when setting the foundation for your journey. We offer in house clinical internships that will help you to develop a foundation of clinical experience and skills to kick-start your career.

You have accumulated a few years post-graduate experience, you have developed a great foundation of clinical skills and want to consolidate, build and fine tune those skills.

We will help you to develop and engage in a bespoke and innovate continuing professional development pathway, and drive you to make the most of your growth opportunities.

Do you want to hone in on developing your clinical skills become an expert in your field, become an expert in your field, and have the opportunity to mentor and develop young clinicians coming through pathway of your choosing.

We have roles that will provide experienced clinicians the opportunity to dip their toes into leadership for the first time.

Once you have reached the lofty heights of team lead that is not the end of your journey. Our vision is bold, and as we move forward we will need strong leaders to help drive us forward into an emerging future.

We have roles that will help experienced clinicians get a taste of both sides of this coin, and then help you to develop down the pathway of your choosing

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