Training and Educational Programmes

Training and Educational Programmes with Proactive

At Proactive, we focus on our Four Corners of Health approach to underpin the way in which we with the people in our care. Our Four Corners of Health approach focuses on Function (physical activity) Mindset, Nutrition (what we eat), and Sleep form the foundation of our health.

We believe education is power and that power can lead to prevention and a positive response to the health needs of individuals. We have a range of educational and training programmes to support organisations, sports clubs, coaches, athletes, health professionals, carers, school staff, employers, individuals, and students in health sciences.

Who would suit our training and education programmes

  • Sports organisations, coaches and athletes
  • Health professionals in rehabilitation or hospital settings
  • Carers working in private homes, hospitals and rehabilitation programmes
  • School staff – teachers and teacher aides, schools sports organisations
  • Employers
  • Individuals and their families
  • Students of health sciences in tertiary institutions.

We are able to prepare tailored training packages as required, incorporating several modules, or one off trainings on specific topics specific to your needs.

Topics we teach to support education and training

  • Injury prevention
  • Sports massage
  • Foam rolling and strapping
  • Four Corners of Health lifestyle and wellness
  • Four Corners of Health Peak Performance for workplaces
  • Optimising rehabilitation
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Working with people who have had a Brain Injury
  • The Role of the Carer/Support Worker in Rehabilitation
  • International Classification of Function
  • Concussion
  • Optimising management of MTBI in Primary health
  • Rehabilitation nursing
  • Children’s Brain Injury
  • Total mobility

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