Occupational Medicine Services

Occupational Medicine Services

We provide independent specialist Occupational Medicine Services to New Zealand businesses, through our team of Occupational Medicine Specialists and Occupational Medicine Doctors. Within our team we have experience across a very broad range of industry sectors, including Local Government, police, health, education, transport and logistics, manufacturing, construction, mining, oil and gas, primary industries, defence, and the maritime and the rail indu

Occupational Medicine Services

The role of an Occupational Medicine Doctor in employee health management:

An Occupational Doctor is a medical doctor or medical specialist, who is trained and experienced in the effects of work on health and health on work. They can work with organisations and employees to provide advice and management of health issues affecting the ability to work, and/or whether work is affecting their health.
Usually, reports are available within one to two weeks after the employee has been seen, but if a more urgent opinion is required we can often accommodate his. We will need to review the individual’s medical notes which we usually obtain with their consent from their GP, and we may need to consult with the person’s general practitioner or other specialists. This often takes time because it can be quite difficult to get copies of records from a busy general practice, and/or specialist’s office, so please allow for this. We will of course let you know if there are going to be any delays because of this.
We can provide you with a referral form which enables you to provide all the information we need from the employer and includes some generic questions that can often be helpful to have answers to in such cases. You can of course ask additional questions.

Employee Health Management:

Management Referrals for Independent Occupational Medical Opinions, for issues including but not limited to:

  • Sickness absence
  • Fitness for work
  • Return to work planning
  • Ill-health retiremen

Consultancy Services

  • Health risk assessment reviews and advisory services
  • Health surveillance programme reviews and advisory services (often working alongside an Occupational Hygienist)
  • Wellbeing programme reviews and advisory services

Work Site Assessments:

  • Health risk reviews
  • Health surveillance needs assessments (often working alongside an Occupational Hygienist)

Fitness For Work Medicals and Assessments:

  • Pre-employment/Pre-placement Medicals
  • Asbestos worker medicals
  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome assessments
  • Confined space medical
  • Rail industry medicals
  • Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) Seafarer Examinations
  • Offshore Energy UK (OEUK) medicals
  • New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) Driver Examinations
  • Civil Aviation Authority Medicals

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