Mask fit testing (Qualitative)

Qualitative Fit testing

According to the AS/NZS1715:2009 standard – ‘Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment’  a Fit test is mandatory for anyone who is required to wear a tight-fitting mask. This includes disposable respirators (also called “filtering facepieces”). A Fit test should be completed before a user wears a respirator on the job and should be assessed at least annually. In addition, fit tests should be performed:

  • Whenever a different size, style, model or make of respirator is used.
  • When any facial changes occur that could affect fit, such as significant weight fluctuation or dental work.

We can complete a Qualitative fit test, which can be used to fit-test tight fitting disposable and reusable half face masks only. The test relies on the user’s ability to detect a particular taste.

The following topics will also be discussed with the wearer:

  • Storage and cleaning of respirator
  • Valve & gasket inspection
  • Checking for cracks / deformity etc
  • Changing of filters – when & how
  • Importance of a clean-shaven face to achieve a good seal

A Certificate of fitness will be issued following assessment.

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