Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) / Physical Capacity Testing

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)  or Physical Capacity testing is an assessment that helps to identify a individuals physical capabilities in relation to their work role or tasks. It is used prior to employment or throughout a clients rehabilitation pathway for planning rehabilitation needs, identifying suitable work types or confirming capability.

Proactive has trained expert providers throughout New Zealand able to provide this service.

A physical capacity test can provide valuable information about whether a worker:

  • is fit at pre-employment for a work role or at risk of injury,
  • is able to perform tasks and duties safely after injury or illness or
  • remains fit for their work role as they age.

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Proactive offers a range of Physical Capacity Testing:

Pre-employment Functional Assessment

Pre-employment Functional Assessments support your risk management by ensuring:

  • A candidate’s capacity meets the demands of the position,
  • Cost and frequency of injuries in the workplace are reduced,
  • Workplace productivity is enhanced,
  • Healthy and productive workers are retained.

Research has demonstrated that companies that conducted pre-employment functional screenings reported a 41% reduction in work injures for those screened versus those not, as well as 21% higher retention rates. (Anderson and Briggs, 2008).

Completed by our qualified Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist, Pre-employment Functional Assessments can be conducted quickly and easily at our nationwide clinics and can also be combined with nurse or doctor-led medicals.

We match the assessment to the specific demands of your workplace and roles through a Work Task Analysis, to make sure you are getting the right candidate, with the right capacity, for the role.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) for supporting Return to Work

A well-timed Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an effective tool to guide the management of a complex or significant injury.  An FCE is a comprehensive, valid, fully reproducible and cost-effective assessment designed to evaluate a worker’s capacity to perform a variety of tasks and activities.

An FCE can assist in:

  • Developing return to work plans,
  • Recommendations for conditioning programs,
  • Determining need for job modifications,
  • Defining functional and work restrictions and
  • Identifying suitable redeployment options.

Our qualified assessors utilise the evidence based WorkHab FCE system to tailor testing to your workplace, work requirements, physical demands and environmental factors.

The evaluation protocols within WorkHab’s FCE System have been validated in peer reviewed literature. The entire protocol has been independently tested with the worker population and has been shown as significantly reliable. (James et. Al. 2010).  This validity demonstrates a robust and reliable evaluation tool, which makes WorkHab FCE a favoured choice of many insurers and assessing bodies.

The assessment is completed under controlled clinic conditions taking 2-3 hours for the assessment, and a further 2-3 hours for comprehensive reporting.  Phone liaison with the referrer to discuss the assessment and recommendations is also included in the service.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) for determining work fitness

An FCE can assess a person’s speed, strength, endurance and mobility, which can be significantly important for conducting their work tasks safety and effectively.  When matched with a work role (assessed by a Work Task Analysis) this can support employers in determining if the workers current fitness matches the work requirements.

This can support decisions around role changes, ongoing fitness to undertake work due to ill health, injury or ageing, and provide strategies to support workers to remain in their role with modifications or a fitness programme.

Proactive can also match the FCE with an Occupational Physician Assessment for a specialist medical opinion on fitness.

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