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Our Workplace VIP package is a simple and easy way for you to have a wellness focus for your employees and make sure they get access to expert advice, services, discounts and recovery, resilience and performance education and self-management resources in their very own Four Corners of Health™ portal.

This package also includes the allocation of a key worker to your organisation and our Proactive Injury Triage Service™ that allows your employees to be assessed quickly if they have an injury or illness affecting them at work. After this assessment there will be the development of a plan to keep them at work while looking after their needs.  We can handle onwards referrals and a speedy service to help you and your employee know whats needed to build a graded return to work plan if required or it could be some simple adjustments to allow the employee to stay at work while receiving treatment.

We are also able to work with you as a preferred partner for any specialist workplace services or ACC programmes.  Having your very own key worker ensures we know your business and your people and we can take the hassle out of these processes so you can manage your time effectively, avoid repeating your story each time a workplace injury occurs and get the best outcomes for your people and your business.  The added advantage with this is that as a result workplace levies are likely to reduce as you will be managing injuries with an early intervention and a whole person stay at work approach avoiding unnecessary time delays while waiting on the health system.

Our workplace services include:

  • Managing recovery from workplace accidents
  • Managing illness and graduated return to work
  • Fatigue and pain management
  • Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology
  • Corporate health and wellness
  • Psychological services
  • A holistic approach to injury and illness recovery
  • Worksite and workstation assessments
  • Risk assessment and injury prevention
  • Stress management
  • Nutrition advice
  • Vaccines, hearing and vision testing.

Let us make it easy for you.

You will be able to rely on quality and consistency in service delivery, the very best outcomes, great communication, access and management via your Employer portal and the ease of dealing with 1 key worker to achieve results and manage issues!

For more information or to become a VIP to Proactive please contact us or email:

The package includes:

  1. Employee benefits:
    • First physio assessment free for ACC injuries.
    • 10% off Massage
    • 10% off products
    • 10% off Exercise Physiologist services, wellness and performance programmes
  2. Injury Triage assessment™ for workplace injuries and reporting to employer.  For more information on this service click here.  Early intervention and triaging for return to work planning. We can handle onward referrals and any ACC liaison if required
  3. Preferred Partner for Specialist workplace Services.  We can take the hassle out of the process, organise return to work, assess ability for work and assist in reducing levies and time off work costs to the employer as well as ensure a safe and speedy recovery for their employee
  4. Access to VIP employer portal with information for referral, our services, records, resources in the areas of occupational health and our 4 corners they can utilise themselves. This will be updated regularly and have the latest research in these areas as a credible and reliable source
  5. Access for all employees to their very own FOUR CORNERS OF HEALTH™ portal
  6. 2 Free Workshops per year aligned to your organisations needs
  7. Injury Triage assessment™ for workplace injuries and reporting to employer. For more information on this service click here.

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