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Proactive & Wellington Hockey adopt the Four Corners of Health approach to injury treatment and prevention; looking at the whole person as well as the site of injury to help minimise the time taken to recover and reduce the chance of reinjury. Factoring in nutrition, rest and mindset as well as physical function before an injury takes place is one of the keys to keeping anyone engaging in sports or fitness activities at the top of their game. Taking care of niggles before they become a problem is especially paramount in top level sport.

Many of our major sports organisations are following the Four Corners approach, including Wellington Hockey. Hemant Lala coaches the Capital Men’s Hockey side, currently competing in the NHL (National Hockey League) competition against sides from around the country.

Hemant looks at a number of player attributes when he selects his team including mental approach, technical and tactical ability as well as the physical side – conditioning and fitness. When the Capital side go into a weeklong NHL finals tournament, they can be playing 7 games in 9 days and players need to be on top of any niggles before they become a problem. The length of these tournaments is draining and eliminating injury risk is one thing coaches can try to manage in advance.

Proactive helped the Capital Men’s hockey team to form their Rehab Club, where players catch up together in the morning during tournaments to work on both niggles and injury prevention with practical tools and exercises involving their handy therabands, spikey solar balls and foam rollers.

Team management will be checking in with the players’ wellbeing on a daily basis in this year’s NHL tournament, as players will feed in information every morning about how well they slept, how sore they are, and any sore or tight muscles or pain. At this level, players are honest about what’s a focus as they know that long-term they need to look after themselves to continue to play at a high level and for longevity in the sport.

Research and practical observation shows that a whole person treatment approach is going to benefit anyone suffering from injury and illness – physical injury doesn’t exist in isolation, every part of us is intertwined in a delicate balance. Consider how nutrition, rest and mindset affects our physical state and the doors to injury recovery open wide.

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