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Deep down we are all seeking to live in a state of harmony and balance. We’re fit, healthy and enjoy the bodies we’ve been given. They don’t restrict us from doing the things we’re passionate about, be it family, work, sport, art or just putting the jug on for a cuppa.

This is the state of wellbeing we’re after.

Wellbeing isn’t just a sentiment. It’s about actually being better, and achieving the very best outcome for our clients in whatever form of rehabilitation a client needs, be it at a resilience level or at peak level.

Four Corners of Health™

We’d like to think that you’ve been keeping up with the play with our big changes and announcements over the last few weeks, if not you should probably read these.

Just to quickly recap, we’ve introduced our Four Corners of Health™ treatment approach and our core ethos. We’ve discussed each corner: Function, Nutrition, Sleep and Mindset and how they all relate to a better treatment model for our clients and providers. And we’re not just saying ‘it’s better’, it’s actually been proven to increase rehabilitation to full function.

This approach is not only unique to Proactive (and we think quite revolutionary if we say so ourselves) but it is at the forefront of treatment models internationally. It reinforces the focus to be a client-centric and results-focused service and organisation, making sure we have the clients’ needs at the heart of everything we do. To do that we simply can’t focus on the site of injury alone. We need to treat the whole person in order to truly deliver the best in rehabilitation and wellbeing that we can.

New Look
Next week is the big week – the launch of our new brand. Make sure you stay tuned to keep an eye on what’s happening around the country, the neat new packages, services, products and client portals (amongst other things) we have for you.

Ka Kete.

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