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Following recovery from illness or injury, the transformative rehabilitation process moves into the resilience phase. Our Wellbeing Coaching phase focuses developing physical, physiological and mental resilience to the stresses and demands we place on ourselves. This will create a foundation for great health, leading to reduced chance of injury, illness and mental stress leading to setbacks.

Improving your physiological resilience will result in a reduced risk of injury, illness or stress related setbacks. You will focus on improving general fitness, muscle balance, efficiency of movement, immune function and your ability to handle the pressures of life. It means that your mind and body can handle the demands thrown at it, and you can build the foundation to thrive.

Our Four Corners Resilience™ package will provide you with a bespoke exercise programme aimed at improving the way you move, and improving your fitness to a level where a myriad of health benefits are realised. You will learn to recognise the lifestyle factors that drain your resilience and cause you stress, while at the same time learning how to boost your resilience through adopting proactive ways of eating, thinking, sleeping and exercising.

Peak performance requires more than just being physically fit or mentally tough. To truly operate at your peak you must have a solid foundation of health, wellbeing and resilience. From here, to truly thrive, you need to work out how to “hack” your exercise regime, what you eat, how you sleep and the way in which you think. Everybody is different. We all have different metabolisms, physiology, genetic profile and responses to stimulus. By working out what works best for you, what makes you work at your best, we can develop a bespoke four corners performance plan to help anyone wanting to achieve peak health and fitness.

Our Four Corners Performance™ package is focused on fine tuning, building self- awareness and skill to keep self in check and exploring sleep, nutrition, physical and mindset hacks to reach peak performance.

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