Vijay Vallabh

Vijay Vallabh

National Manager, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Vijay is the National Manager for Acute Physiotherapy at Proactive.

Vijay has been with Proactive since 2008 and is responsible for ensuring the bespoke standard of delivery for physiotherapy services and support for the physiotherapist’s professional development and practice.

Vijay is a Physiotherapist with a Physical Education and Physiology degree, passionate about giving people the tools to self-manage at school, work, home or in the sporting environment.

Vijay has worked with many national and regional sports teams and associations:

  • Current Black Caps Physiotherapist (New Zealand Cricket)
  • Current High Performance Physio New Zealand Rugby Referees

Vijay has worked with a number of age group athletes and has a special interest in performance enhancement in sports,  Vijay’s focus is also to promote education, movement and make people aware and address some of  their daily habits that subsequently help improve overall health and performance, using the Four Corners of Health, Physical, Mindset, Sleep and Nutrition.

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