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Finding out he wasn’t as healthy as he thought was a surprise to Brendon Tod, Director of Proactive. He exercised regularly, didn’t eat too badly and looked after himself. To find out more, he took a DNAFit test; testing his genes related to fitness and nutrition to find out whether he was following the best diet and training for his body.

The DNAFit test results blew his assumptions about himself out of the water and completely revolutionised his approach to the way he ate and exercised. Now Proactive have become the New Zealand distributors of DNAFit with Proactive DNAFit PLUS, and Brendon wants to help as many New Zealanders as possible realise the benefits of the unique knowledge your own DNA can give you.

Brendon modified his training and nutrition according to the results of the test, and now feels better than he ever did, he lost 7kg and he feels more vital and alive through the day. His training plan modifications made such a big difference to his fitness, he was selected as part of the Crossfit Porirua team to compete in the 2015 National Crossfit Championships – something Brendon never thought he’d be up for.

Fully utilising the power of your DNA is the future of health and fitness. Do you wonder if you’re getting the best out of your training runs and gym sessions? Are you finding diets and weight management troublesome? There is no ‘one size fits all’ nutrition or fitness plan, and it’s often a stab in the dark as to whether standard recommendations are working for you.

When Brendon went to the doctor to get a medical certificate for life insurance, he found he had high cholesterol, was overweight and blood tests showed that Brendon had high levels of inflammatory markers. He made changes such as cutting out the fry-ups and started eating porridge for breakfast instead, he went out for more runs, got a Personal Trainer and joined Crossfit Porirua. He made some inroads, lost some weight, but as he increased his running and exercise he started to get more injuries and niggles in his shoulder and calf muscles. He starting to feel like for every step forward, he was taking two steps backward.

As a trained Exercise Physiologist and ex-Personal Trainer, Brendon knew about the advances in DNA technology and that personal gene tests were available with a simple mouth swab test. He took the DNAFit test to find out his genetic profile for fitness, diet, nutrition and weight management and see if he could make further changes and tailor his training and diet to his health potential.

He found that his genetic makeup was weighted toward Strength over Endurance. He only had a moderate response to running, but a strong response to strength and weights training. If he was going to achieve his goals and potential faster, he needed to reduce the amount of running and increase his strength work.

He discovered he needed more recovery time between fitness sessions or he would run more risk of injury.  This was going to make a big difference to how he planned his training sessions.

In the nutrition report, he found he has one of the highest need for saturated fats that a person can have – so bacon and eggs needed to be back on the breakfast menu.  The reason he was slightly overweight was because of the high level of carbohydrates and sugar in his diet, which he needed to cut down.

He had the version of a gene that meant he might need to increase his intake of Vitamin B and the same for Vitamin D, so he was able to adapt his diet and supplement intake accordingly. The Proactive DNAFit PLUS report gives you a handy Nutrient and Vitamin Guideline table showing the standard recommended intake compared to the personalised intake for you based on your genetic makeup – very handy to help make sure you have all the vitamins and nutrients you need.

Brendon was also interested to find out that while he does alright on coffee, he doesn’t respond well to alcohol – which has a higher likelihood of affecting his cholesterol levels.

Brendon thought he needed to cut down on dairy products but found the opposite was true, the test showed a low likelihood of lactose intolerance as he has the genes that assist with digesting lactose from dairy products. However the test showed he had a higher predisposition to Coeliac disease, carrying a gene that has been associated with Coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity. That meant that dairy was now back on the menu and cutting down on bread was a step he wanted to take.

There was a natural period of feeling a bit rubbish while his body adapted to the changes initially, if a body is used to a certain amount of sugar, it’s going to rebel a little when that is cut down.  But after about a month, Brendon started to feel better than he had ever felt before – more energy, fresher and more vital and he was fitter than he’d ever been.

It’s never too late to make positive change in your life, and Proactive DNAFit PLUS provides the chance for you to do that in a way you know is unique to you. Reaching your health potential has never been more possible than it is today with the technology available. The change for Brendon has been huge. While he wished he’d had the test when he was younger, it’s going to make a big difference for Brendon going into his 40s, enabling him to bring out the best in himself going forward.

The Proactive DNAFit PLUS package includes a DNAFit Collection Kit, comprehensive fitness and diet report, and a follow-up consultation with a Proactive DNAFit Certified Clinician. The package is available now for purchase online from the Proactive webshop. You’ll also be able to purchase the package directly from Proactive clinics in Auckland, Wellington or Palmerston North from mid November. Note the follow-up consultation is available by Skype to anyone outside the areas if a Proactive clinic is not nearby.

Click here to find out more about Proactive DNAFit PLUS.

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