Stay at Work or Return to Work – Client Satisfaction

At Proactive we continuously strive to provide you with a great client experience. We measure customer satisfaction across all of our services as we know how important your feedback is. In our Stay at Work rehabilitation programme our customer satisfaction scores show that we are providing an effective, engaging, and motivating service that meets your needs in a holistic manner.


90% of people reported having a positive experience with their rehabilitation journey at proactive. Specifically, positive comments highlighted satisfaction with the service and the holistic approach, a supportive client centered service, great communication, and provider personality as key positive factors.

93% of clients surveyed reported the Education provided by their Rehabilitation team was effective in helping them to achieve their goals.

94% of clients surveyed reported a high or very high level of confidence in the team looking after their rehabilitation.

91% of clients reported good understating of the programme and return to work plan.


Client Comments:
“Very pleased with Proactive, they did everything they could and followed up.” – Anonymous
“Amazing especially during COVID times, rung me most nights to see how I was.” – Anonymous
“Happy with what has been provided. It’s been the difference to getting through this.” – Anonymous



Your feedback is vital to us as it helps confirm we are providing an excellent service and identifies what we can celebrate and what we can continue to strive to improve.



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