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“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”
William Dekker.

It’s official. Sleep deprivation is at epidemic proportions globally. We are simply spending too much time working, watching television, or social networking to be getting enough sleep. Brightly lit lights, blue screens, coffee, stress and noise at night reduce the quality of sleep that we get. Not enough, or poor quality, sleep is associated with a myriad of health conditions from obesity and diabetes through to chronic pain, depression and fatigue.

This, our Sleep Corner, is the third in our series expanding upon on our Four Corners of Health™ approach to Transformative Rehabilitation™. Read the previous posts here.

For some, there’s a perverse pride in not having much sleep. And the corporate world has long glamourised burn-out. But getting enough good quality sleep is an essential component for optimal functioning of mind, body and soul. If you are going to recover from injury, illness or perform at your best good sleep is a must. There is a lot of evidence to suggest sleep loss by itself can significantly impair the recovery of muscle and connective tissue, it can upset the balance of growth and repair hormones, increase stress levels, contribute to chronic pain and cloud your thinking. Poor sleep will slow your recovery, so if we are going to help you to recover to your best, we need to help you to make sure you are sleeping right.

Through the sleep corner of the Four Corners approach, we aim to help you to understand the importance of sleep on your recovery and your wellbeing, and show you ways that you can optimise  its quality and quantity. We can help you to identify if you have an underlying sleep disorder that is contributing to sleep related health issues, and steer you in the direction of getting a great night’s sleep.

Sleep has been described as one of life’s most understated pleasures, and learning to sleep well is one of the most important steps that you can take to recover faster and to improve your wellbeing. It’s so vitally important to everything else we do in our waking hours that it has to be one of the four cornerstones of our service.

Imagine waking every morning feeling refreshed. Imagine what that would do to help your physical function, make healthy eating choices. Imagine what it would do for your mindset. Mindset, now there’s another corner. Let’s go there next week…

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