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Health & Wellbeing intro goes here. The transformative rehabilitation process moves into the resilience phase. Our Wellbeing Coaching phase focuses  developing physical, physiological and mental resilience to the stresses and demands we place on ourselves. This will create a foundation for great health, leading to reduced chance of injury, illness and mental stress leading to setbacks.

Knee Sprains: Injury Fact Sheet

Knee injuries can be a bit more difficult to self-diagnose then an ankle sprain or calf injury but there’s certainly things you can do to help yourself. How Do Knee Injuries Happen? Most knee injuries occur as a result of twisting. Knee ligaments in the joint become stressed when the foot is planted on the ground and an out of […]

Invercargill- Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists

The beautiful Invercargill is looking for its next OT or Physio superstar    Opportunities to put your skills to work to support everyday people Offering a broad range of services Opportunity for career progression   Proactive is a nationwide healthcare provider delivering quality client care and outcomes, with an end to end spectrum of services and innovated health solutions. We […]

Stay at Work or Return to Work – Client Satisfaction

At Proactive we continuously strive to provide you with a great client experience. We measure customer satisfaction across all of our services as we know how…

Low Back Pain Myths

Although back pain can be severe, we know through research that mostly it is not caused by any serious disease or injury. If you have an x-ray or a scan it may show ‘changes’, but we know that most of the time…

Helping you stay at, or return to work following injury or illness

How rehabilitation in the workplace can help you recover faster following injury or illness. Almost all of us end up sustaining an injury or illness during our…

4 Tips For Runners

With the lockdown in full force many of you have dusted off your running shoes and hitting the streets for some exercise! While running is a great and cost-effective method of exercising, it can be taxing…

Top Tips for Preventing Pain and Discomfort when Working from Home

Working full-time from home is a new reality for many workers due to the response to Covid-19.  While it may be tempting to stretch out on the couch or bed with a laptop, this can lead to discomfort, pain or injury (DPI) from all sorts of awkward postures. It’s helpful to understand the risks of DPI when working from home […]

Top Tip #2 – Calf Strains

Tip #2  is all about calf strains! Calf strains are a very common injury, particularly in sports involving running, jumping and sharp turns (like netball!). The strain usually starts with a sharp pain in the belly of your calf muscle, although it could come on more gradually if the injury builds over a few weeks. If you do feel a […]

Top Tip #1 – Ankle Injuries

Here at Proactive we are proud to be partnered with a number of sporting teams across the country. As part of our partnership with these teams we will be providing advice and tips on how to manage some of the most common on-court injuries and when it may be worth seeking the advice of our Physiotherapy team. This week we […]

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