Sensitive Claims

We have experienced New Zealand Registered Clinical Psychologists available to assist adults and children to deal with sensitive claims arising from sexual abuse or assault.

Our Auckland based team covers the greater Auckland area and have rooms based in most local areas. Our team includes not only Clinical Psychologists, but Medical Specialists, Neuropsychologists, Social Workers, Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists as well, ensuring that we can provide an integrated and holistic service to meet your injury related needs.

We can accept referrals from clients, General Practitioners, ACC, other providers and agencies. You are able to see a psychologist for an initial face to face meeting (up to 2 hours) and early planning (up to 4 hours) before ACC approval is gained, to meet the therapist and complete a claim form and a consent form. You can do this by contacting us to book an appointment. After the initial appointment you can decide whether to proceed with the claim, and if so we will submit this to ACC to gain approval to continue to provide the services required.

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