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Salveo Therapy now Proactive @ 306 Cameron Road, Tauranga


Roger is an experienced Physio with over 20 years experience across all aspects of Physiotherapy in the Bay of Plenty Region and the UK/Europe. Roger has also been the Physio over the years for Waikato Bay of Plenty Netball and the Magic, ACG School, Bay of Plenty Cricket, Northern Districts Cricket, Waikato ITM Cup team, NZ Cricket, WASPS rugby club, Chelsea, QPR Football, and part of the home based support team for the England Rugby 2003 World Cup Team and B&I Lions, he has strong relationships within Tauranga and the medical community. Roger is Masters Qualified and able to add value to the team he leads and the community and groups we work with in the greater Bay of Plenty.

Important changes that put you at the centre of everything we do.
There has been some exciting changes taking place at Salveo. We are pleased to announce that on 12th February, Roger became part of the Proactive network of healthcare services, and has moved Selveo to come under Proactive.

In case you hadn’t heard Roger Athy-Knibbs decided to sell Salveo to Proactive, and we are pleased to share that they he will be staying on as Physiotherapist and Provider Mentor/Clinic Manager of our Clinic at 306 Cameron Road, Tauranga central. Please feel free to contact Roger any time, on 07 2810119 or by email on

Continuing service
Roger and our team at Proactive Central Tauranga is able to continue to deliver the services you have known and loved, but will operate under the new name Proactive Tauranga Central. If you are mid-way through a treatment or service, the process won’t be interrupted, but will be transferred to our new clinic.
We are also able to continue treatment for those of you who saw other therapists from the Salveo team at our new clinic.

We will be doing our best to ensure things continue to run smoothly while working with our team to provide a holistic and complete service to you. Roger is joining a team that includes, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Neuropsychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Occupational Physicians, Pain Specialists, Neurologists, Nurses, Speech Language Therapists, Social workers, and Dieticians working not only from this clinic, but across the greater Bay of Plenty region delivering multidisciplinary specialist health and rehabilitation services.
We hope that Roger will be able to grow with Proactive and take advantage of the opportunities available to him over time in an innovative and learning culture that can only improve what he and our team do for you.

Making appointments
You reach the clinic on the 07 2810119, or make an appointment if you are passing by; the opening hours are from 8am-7pm.
The contact email has changed to
You can also book on line on our website:

Proactive Tauranga Central
306 Cameron Road
Tauranga Central
P: (07) 2810119

Learn more about our Tauranga Central Clinic here.
Who are we
Proactive has been in business since 1999, originally as Proactive Rehab Ltd. Just like many of our clients, Proactive has worked very hard over the years to ensure we operate at peak performance. Improvement is a never-ending process and we’ll always be striving for more.

We’ve long been concerned that the New Zealand Healthcare system does not deliver Kiwis what they deserve. Now we’re in a place where we can proudly stand up, hand on our hearts and know we’ve developed a better way. And in case you can’t tell we’re pretty excited about it!

We call it the Four Corners of Health™.

Our thinking, our business and our approach to our clients revolves around this core ethos. And it’s powerful stuff. It means when talking with and treating our clients we see the ‘whole person’, not just the injury. Our many years in the industry has proved to us that everything related to the body is intertwined in a delicate balance, so this approach addresses the four most crucial factors when it comes to optimising recovery, increasing wellbeing and ensuring peak performance: Physical Function, Nutrition, Sleep and Mindset.

We’ve embedded our approach right across our company and services. We know that more than 90% of our clients return to full function following our programmes.

Visit our website and look through the huge selection of services, products, tools and resources especially designed to help you recover from injury and increase wellbeing and performance.

Thank you again for your ongoing support. We appreciate your custom and we are committed to providing you with the very best service and ensuring that we have you at the centre of everything we do.

We’d like to keep you all updated about the Four Corners of HealthTM and fill you in on the great new services, tools, products and packages available to help you recover, build resilience and achieve peak performance or anywhere in between. Join us on Facebook  for helpful information and tips on wellbeing, function, nutrition, sleep and mindset or check out our website blog

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