Running Tips

With the summer in full force many of you have dusted off your running shoes and hitting the streets for some exercise! While running is a great and cost-effective method of exercising, it can be taxing on your joints and muscles if they’re not used to it.

We’ve got your back though so here are some things we recommend you consider before starting that run!

  1. A good dynamic warm-up. This should include dynamic stretches that get all the main muscle groups working. Some good things to include are knee to wall calf stretches, walking lunges, marching high skips and walking hamstring stretches. Reserve your traditional static stretches for the end of your run
  2. Good running shoes: make sure these aren’t too worn and feel comfortable to wear
  3. A good warm down: you can perform your traditional static stretches at the end. Make sure to include short and long head calf stretches, quad stretch, hamstring stretch, groin stretch and a glute stretch.
  4. The other important component to a great run is the maintenance and general strengthening that will help you prevent injuries. This should include a daily (or once every two days) routine of lunges, calf raises, bridges, core work (see videos)

Most importantly, stay safe, have a great time and remember our team are available to you via Telehealth if you have any niggles

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