Redundancy & Outplacement Support Services

Ensuring your employees have access to redundancy or outplacement support is a crucial part of termination of their employment. The New Zealand Government Employment Relations site describes the legal obligations of employers 

What is Redundancy or outplacement support service and how are we different? 

Proactive have a comprehensive outplacement service which assists employees to transition into new employment where they are experiencing a company restructure or redundancy. Our approach is to empower the employee with the tools, knowledge, and direction to take control of their future and open their eyes to transform, re-align or continue with their career pathway.  

Our Vocational Consultants deliver a package that can be tailored to individual or group needs and can include any of the following services:

  • Career counselling and analysis to equip individuals to manage career change 
  • Motivational techniques to empower the employee in a positive forwards pathway  
  • Advice on current labour market trends and salary guides 
  • Assistance with identifying transferable skills, career drivers and values 
  • Support with developing a professional CV 
  • Education and coaching in interview techniques, job search skills and networking 
  • Support to identify and apply for vacancies that match the individual’s skills, experience and interests 

How can Proactive support the employer with the change process? 

As a provider of Outplacement Services, Proactive can respond quickly to help support employees through change and implement services to manage your transitional process smoothly. We help maintain a positive culture and company image both externally and internally which enhances staff retention, productivity, and morale.  

One chapter in your life may have come to an end, but it’s now an opportunity to reforge your skills, knowledge and education in a new and exciting career of your choosing. 


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