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FOR: People with new or old injuries or illnesses, pre or post-operative.


The Four Corners Recovery™ package takes a focussed rehabilitation approach to help you reach your recovery goals. Through this package, we have found that 90% of our clients achieved their goals with an average of 7 sessions..

For a range of reasons, most people who engage physiotherapy are often discharged at only 40-80% of achieving their recovery goals. This doesn’t serve them well in the long-term. It means they often can’t do the simple things they came to a provider to resolve and are left with ongoing issues that puts them at risk for future injury, reaggravation or illness. Our Recovery package guides our clients through the injury healing process and back to optimum rehabilitation and recovery.


The Four Corners Recovery™ package includes:

  • A bespoke Four Corners Recovery™ care plan tailored to what you need and the goals you want to achieve.
  • 7 standard 20 minute treatment sessions.
  • Reassessment at 3 and 6 treatments to keep you on track with your Four Corners Recovery™ plan and progress toward your goals.
  • Complimentary 6 week gym pass.
  • Access to your own private health portal Four Corners of Health™ portal to manage your care interactively with your clinician.
  • Access to the Recovery library portal for education and resources.


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