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Start 2016 with a Four Corners of Health reboot. Triathlete Nga Milner-Olsen shares some handy tips with us about how to make your Mindset, Nutrition, Sleep and Physical Function work for you heading into 2016.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone has had a good summer break and you’re refreshed and ready to tackle the year ahead. Remember to keep improving your health one step at a time through the Four Corners of Health – Mindset, Nutrition, Sleep and Physical Function.

I like to look at New Year resolutions as the three R’s:

Reflect – reflect on the past year with the Four Corners of Health in mind.

Resolve – make decisions on what worked well and what I would do differently leading into this year.

Restart – make an action plan based around Mindset, Nutrition, Sleep and Physical Function, what worked well last year, what I will continue doing, and things I would do differently.


It’s a great time to start 2016 with a positive Mindset, and a great saying from triathlete Tony Jackson that I recently heard has stayed with me: “Nothing is impossible to the willing mind.”

Keep this in mind when making challenging decisions, it’s very powerful. If you are willing, you will succeed.  When making decisions around Nutrition, Sleep and Physical Function, all these decisions first start with the mind.

Nga’s Tip: Work on having a positive and strong mindset, surround yourself with like-minded people, doing like-minded things.


Small gradual changes will be more effective long term, nutrition is a lifestyle choice that should be able to be sustained for life. When making food choices, a question I always ask myself is “is this sustainable?” I don’t diet; I try to make healthy choices around food and focus on portion control.

Nga’s Tip: Think long-term lifestyle change, make one positive nutrition change per week, over 12 weeks you gradually would have made many positive changes. Keeping a food diary for 12 weeks can also help you stay focussed on making good tasty nutrition choices.


This is a very important part of life that I will be paying more attention to in 2016. When I have had a good sleep and have had enough rest I find my mindset is clearer, my food choices are good and my physical execution in my training sessions are of better quality.

Nga’s Tip:  Value the importance of good quality rest and sleep, workout how many hours you need to operate and function well. Find what helps you relax before bed – reading, listening to music or a warm bath.

Physical Function

There are many ways to improve our physical function, to stay active and keep healthy.

Nga’s Tip: I would recommend you find something you enjoy, anything from walking/ running, swimming, yoga, playing squash or joining a gym. If you are someone wanting to kickstart your physical function, gradually get back into the swing of things, over time you can increase the number of sessions per week and my advice would be to ask a professional within the industry or sports club on advice or recommendations for the best ways to achieve your goals.

If you are looking at making a positive change in your Health – Reflect, Resolve and Restart, 2016 will be a great year this is TOTALLY up to YOU!

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