Rebekah Whittfield

Director and Chief Operations Officer
Director Growth, People and Finance

Rebekah joined Proactive in 2003 and became a shareholder following the successful setup of the Hutt Valley Clinic. Rebekah has been instrumental in driving Proactives evolution from a small business to a strong brand with cutting edge operating systems and processes.

Her ability to develop and contribute to strategic vision is second only to her ability to foresee fundamental needs and implement the systems required to attain a vision.  These strengths drove the design, strategy and formation of the New Zealand Rehabilitation Partnership and Vochealth NZ Ltd and then subsequently the growth of Proactive to become a nationwide brand.

Rebekah’s roles within Proactive have been both varied and covered the full range of roles from service delivery, process design, personnel development and management coaching, finance management, service management, marketing through to sales and general management.  This places her in the unique position of bringing an in-depth but broad understanding of all of Proactives operational requirements.

As well as being a Director and Chief Operating Officer, Rebekah has played a role as Director Growth and strategy, instrumental in Proactives success.

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