Provision of Braces, Equipment & Orthotics

Moon boots, knee or ankle braces, crutches and other equipment can help in the management of pain and recovery from all injuries. 

Our therapists can provide guidance in the best form of equipment that will aid you in the return to full function and assist your recovery.  Whether they are used take pressure off, provide support and/or stability, or needed pre and postsurgery the use of braces, equipment and orthotics has shown to be an effective component in the management of manage painand help progress rehabilitation.   

We are a multi-disciplinary company that can look at your individual situation and work together to advise on and arrange the best equipment for home, school, work, or sport to help you achieve your functional goals and remain active and participate in life the way you want to.  

There is a range of braces and supports products that offer targeted treatment for a range of conditions. Our expertise is in assessing your needs and providing the best advice.  We can use braces to help facilitate a safe return to work, school or sport, to ensure we use the brace effectively to help provide stability and support allowing you to be free of any issues and barriers that have stopped you from participating in your activity. 

Book with a physiotherapist now to start the process or click here to make an enquiry to arrange the best provider to work with you. 

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