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Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor


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The Polar H7 is a Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor that provides live, accurate heart rate to your mobile training app – including Polar Beat – turning it into a smart training companion. The H7 is also compatible with a wide range of Polar watches, Polar Loop Activity Tracker and Gym equipment.

The Polar H7 is a great heart rate monitor that can be used with compatible Apple devices, Samsung Galaxy, LG Nexus and Polar watches. As the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor is water resistant, it can also be used while swimming with a compatible Polar Heart Rate Watch such as the FT4, FT7 or FT60.

  • Provides heart rate information to compatible mobile training applications
  • Uses Bluetooth transmission, ensuring that the mobile device finds your heart rate signal
  • Includes a soft and comfortable hand washable textile chest strap
  • Water-resistant connector
  • User replaceable

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