Resilience is about our body being able to cope with all the stresses and demands we place on it. Improved resilience will result in a reduced risk of injury or re-injury as you improve your fitness and efficiency of movement. It means that your mind and body can handle the demands thrown at it, and you can build the foundation to thrive.

The Four Corners Resilience Package will provide you with a bespoke exercise programme aimed at improving the way you move, and improving your fitness to a level where a myriad of health benefits are realised. You will learn to recognise the lifestyle factors that drain your resilience and cause you stress, while at the same time learning how to boost your resilience through adopting proactive ways of eating, thinking, sleeping and exercising.

Four Corners RESILIENCE™ package includes:

  • Biomechanical Assessment to ensure long lasting results by looking at the cause of the problem and ensuring a prevention focus long term
  • Metabolic Typing Assessment
  • Physiological state of stress Assessment
  • Receive a bespoke Four Corners Resilience care plan
  • 6 Extended 40 minute sessions
  • 6 week gym pass
  • Four Corners™ resilience and stress management  coaching
  • Proactive Four Corners complementary care pack
  • Access to RESILIENCE library portal and your private health information portal

$297 ACC. $590 Private

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