The Four Corners Recovery™ package focuses on ensuring a long lasting rehabilitation to help you reach your recovery goals. Through this package we have found that 90% of our clients achieved their goals with an average of 7 sessions.

For a range of reasons, most people who engage physiotherapy are often discharged at only 40-80% of achieving their recovery goals. This doesn’t serve them well in the long-term. It means they can’t do the simple things they came to a provider to actually resolve and are left with ongoing issues that puts them at risk for future injury, re-aggravation or illness or restricts them from participating in life the way they want to.  Our RECOVERY package solves this and ensures your optimum rehabilitation and recovery.

Four Corners RECOVERY™ package includes:

  • Receive a Four Corners care plan tailored to what you need and the goals you want to achieve
  • 7 standard 20 minute sessions
  • Strong focus of treatment against your FOUR CORNERS RECOVERY PLAN, with reassessment at 3 and 6 treatments to focus treatment and keep you on track to achieve your planned goals!
  • Four Corners™ rehabilitation and recovery education
  • 6 week gym pass
  • Access to your individual private health portal MY FOUR CORNERS OF HEALTH™ PORTAL with access to Recovery library education and information resources

$158 ACC (10% discount) or $315 Private (10% discount).
Porirua and Lower Hutt pricing $126 ACC (10% discount) or $315 private (10% discount)

If you would like to purchase a Recovery package (ACC cover rate) at the Porirua or Lower Hutt pricing to redeem only at those clinics, or if you would like to purchase a Recovery Package at the Private rate, please contact us at [email protected] and we will arrange this for you.

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