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My name is Gentiane Lupi and I am a fulltime fighter. I am a National champion in both Pro Boxing and Muay Thai, a World Champion in Boxing and have recently taken up Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

And get this, I started training at 37 because I needed a change of pace from staying at home with my children now 10, 8 and 6 years old. Often I win, sometimes I lose, but every day I am working towards improving my skills and being the best fighter I can be. Obstacles and excuses can always be found, but I choose to focus on what can happen when I set goals outside my comfort zone. Aim for the stars and all of that!

I fight as often as I can, and it’s not a kind sport on your body! Not only because of its high contact nature, but also due to its impact on lifestyle and diet…..ah diet ! Of course the great thing about fighting is the motivation of meeting an opponent who works as hard as you do. It helps you run that extra kilometre, forgo that slice of cake and make sure you’re rested knowing that your actual survival is on the line.

I’m very proud to be working with Proactive, and sharing what the Four Corners of HealthTM mean to me and my training, you’ll be seeing more of me soon.

Proactive is proud to support Gentiane Lupi with physiotherapy and Four Corners of HealthTM expertise for her MMA fight training and preparation.


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