Proactive is a one-stop venue for your injury and wellbeing requirements. Our network of relationships across the healthcare industry and community help us offer our clients a full range of services to aid recovery, whatever your needs.

We are also proud of our long-standing relationships with many sports clubs and associations and we continue to offer them dedicated physio and Four Corners of Health™ support services to help keep players out and performing their best on the pitch.


MassageProactive provides a range of services across the North Island. To ensure full coverage into all areas, we work closely with a number of like-minded businesses to meet the wide range of needs of our clients, under a licensing model. This ensures that in all areas, whether urban or rural, our clients have access to a full spectrum of rehabilitation services with teams of healthcare providers who have the ability to provide expert, bespoke and holistic services, that meet a clients needs at the right time. Our licensees are required to meet Proactive’s Quality standards and are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that we are providing a great quality service and achieving outcomes that are second to none.
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feet 2Proactive works in partnership with experienced health professionals as part of our commitment to being a one-stop venue for all of your healthcare needs.

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Sports VIP for webProactive partners with sports clubs and associations to provide dedicated wellness and physio support for players and competitions days. Our range of useful Sports VIP packages help sports clubs and premier teams receive dedicated care and access to expert advice, services, education resources (recovery, resilience and performance), self-management resources and great discounts. Proactive has long standing relationships with many clubs and associations, and we profile them here.
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Nga - Run_smlProactive is proud to sponsor talented local athletes with physiotherapy and injury recovery services. Each of our athletes embodies the spirit behind the Four Corners of Health approach to injury recovery and rehabilitation; incorporating a balance and focus on rest, nutrition, mindset and physical function in their training and their lives.

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