On-site Physiotherapy clinic in Schools

Proactive provides onsite physiotherapy at several schools across NZ improving the access and care to our young people. 

If you are a student at a school Proactive is partnered with and want to make an appointment – talk to your school office about the booking process or if you want to book in our clinic instead, Book Online or Call Us  

Physio in Schools Programme  

Our goal is to ensure that every student at every school that Proactive has a relationship with have access to Physiotherapy services. At Proactive we want to ensure kids get the right advice so that they can keep being active and have a full recovery so that injury doesn’t affect them later in life or stop them from ongoing involvement in sport, exercise and recreation. 

We aim to use the injury as an opportunity for students to learn about the injury and learn injury prevention tips and skills that can help them with their sport, academia and life. 

The schools program was inspired by our clinical experiences and ensuring students don’t miss as much school as they need to by attending a physio appointment and also to prevent the caregivers of the children to leave work and take them to appointments. 

Proactive becomes a member of the school community, attending school sports events and offering Physio services and health and wellbeing advice and injury prevention education to students. 

Proactive work closely with ACC using their sportsmart.co.nz resources, and deliver the key messages in warm-ups, injury prevention and performance enhancement tools.  

If you would like to learn more about this programme for your school click on the links below to get in touch. 

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