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“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

Attitude, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and stress all have a huge influence over our health. They also affect the way in which we get through situations in life. In recent years, more and more has been uncovered in regards to how our emotional state, beliefs, attitudes and state of stress influence our body’s ability to recover from an injury or other setback.

Our fourth and final Corner (read the previous posts here) of service delivery, and arguably the most important, is mindset. We see it as our job to take the time and making the effort to help you to formulate a mindset that will enhance your wellbeing and optimise your recovery. To help you with this, when you first come through our doors, we want to make sure that we cover off four key factors that will determine your mindset for a fast and full recovery.

The first factor is to make sure that you understand the recovery process. Our experience, and research from around the world suggests that one of the biggest predictors of recovery is one’s expectations around when they will recover. Moving forward positively requires that you have realistic expectations around how long the recovery process will take and what will need to happen to augment your recovery. This will allow you to adopt a growth mindset, and push forward through this challenge.

De-stressing our lives is key. Stress has an effect on both the mind and your body, and in general people today are stressed to a level that leads to diminishing health returns. Too much stress, or not being able to manage stress can slow the healing and recovery from your injury, and affect how you get back into daily activities. However, on the flipside, we need to be able to stress ourselves to repair injury and to grow and develop. We help you to understand the stress cycle and the effects that too much stress has on your recovery. We can show you how to manage excessive stress, and help to challenge you with positive stress that will drive your recovery, wellbeing and performance.

Motivation has been important in every single thing that human kind has achieved. Motivation is simple, yet extremely complicated, and it will come as no surprise that wavering motivation will impede your recovery. We see it as our responsibility to help keep you motivated, by helping to remind you of the importance of your wellbeing and your recovery, and helping to improve your confidence and independence.

Finally, to recover fully you need to nudge yourself, but not too much. What is Nudging you may ask! Pushing yourself too hard can lead to a setback, whereas not pushing yourself hard enough can slow your recovery and lead to incomplete recovery. It is our job to show you how much to push (nudge) yourself and when. To keep you looking forward, always getting better and always improving.

Mindset is the final corner in the Four Corners approach, and we know that for most people – whether their goal is to recover from setback or injury, to improve their wellbeing or to thrive in work or sports, a growth mindset – a belief that your abilities and achievements can be developed through dedication and hard work – is vital. And it is our job to help you with that.

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