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Massey Rugby

Proactive proudly supports Massey Rugby Football & Sports Club with our premier-level Sports VIP package

We have been proudly supporting Massey Rugby over the 2017 winter season across Senior teams under our premier-level sports package.

This means Proactive offers practice and game day physio for selected teams with complementary physio in our clinic for these players to keep them on the pitch and performing at their peak.

Proactive also offers discounted physio services to all club organisers, volunteers, friends, family and associated club members in clinic.

With opening a purpose built rehabilitation clinic in the heart of Massey at the new North West Massey town square, we are able to take our service further to the club.


  1. Free physio assessment and treatment in clinic for premier team players
  2. Concussion Clinic and triage assessment alongside access to specialist rehab services
  3. Premier team physio attendance at practice
  4. Premier team physio attendance at game day (this is paid for by the club)
  5. Free first physio assessment in clinic during the week for the rest of the club
  6. 2 free Proactive workshops per year to membership, tailored to align to club programme needs
  7. Access to the Proactive Sports VIP portal with VIP benefits and offers tailored to your association, as well as the latest information in recovery, resilience and performance for your sport
  8. Players have access to their own private Four Corners of Health portal to manage their care interactively with their physio

Consumables, tournaments and sponsorship or attendance at events are not included in this package and are charged

Read more about our Sports VIP Programme here.

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