Making you the centre of what we do

We’ve made a few changes recently at Proactive, maybe you’ve noticed our new brand and look, or maybe you’ve been to the clinic and seen our new fit-outs. The best part is that we’re putting you at the centre of everything we do. Our processes have been revamped to ensure we are communicating better and offering you a tailored approach to your needs and goals.

We hand on heart believe we’ve developed a better way to approach injury recovery and overall wellbeing and we call it the Four Corners of Health™ approach. Proactive has long believed that to help an injury heal, we should focus on the ‘whole person’ not just the injury. Our 15 years in the industry has proved to us that everything related to the body is intertwined in a delicate balance and we use the Four Corners of Health™ to make sure we’ve covered everything that leads to a full recovery.

Part of this approach means we can offer you an end-to-end service to help you achieve your recovery goals. We have staff and networks across the spectrum of healthcare so we’ll be able to provide you with whatever healthcare service you need to recover from injury and achieve peak performance.

We’ve also created rehabilitation and recovery packages modelled on your feedback and our staff experience on what works best to help injury recover and peak performance. Each package has a different focus depending on your goal, and can reduce the likelihood of ongoing issues or re-injury.

The great parts of Proactive will remain the same, you’ll still see the same friendly faces when you visit our clinics, and if you are midway through a treatment with us, it won’t be interrupted. You can still call us on 0800 TOTAL YOU (0800 868 259) or feel free to stop by a Proactive clinic to make an appointment. We have a few more clinics now, so you might find we have one nearer to you than you realise. Come and visit us soon, and experience the health revolution for yourself!

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