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FOR: Whether you have previously embarked on a journey of recovery, resilience or high performance, there is always the danger that you will slip back off track, your situation will change, or become stale. This will impede your ability to thrive to the level you want to be at. By checking in with a Four Corners Coach on a regular basis, we can assess your progress and reboot your Four Corners programme, ensuring that you keep moving forwards.

Maintenance and prevention requires ongoing effort and attention to your health, the way you move and your training programme. This Four Corners Maintain™ annual membership entitles you to a quarterly Four Corners of Health™ review and reset of your Four Corners plan in exercise, sleep, nutrition and mindset as required and bespoke to you.

The package also entitles you to 10% off products, treatment and massage as well as access to all levels of our performance library to keep you up to date on research and information relating to recovery, resilience and performance.


The Four Corners Maintain™ package includes:

  • Quarterly Four Corners review including a musculoskeletal / functional assessment and a review of your exercise programming, how you are eating, sleep needs and your mindset.
  • Reevaluation and reboot of your Four Corners programme.
  • Access to all levels of portal Recovery, Resilience and performance library information.
  • 10% off treatment if required.
  • 10% off any products.
  • 10% off massage.
  • Access to gym (in clinics where we are located in a gym).

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