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After an injury, whether at work or on the sports field it is important for your team to have access to effective health care in a timely manner.  Proactive’s Injury Triage can link your injured team member with one of our expert Physiotherapists in a matter of hours.  Along with targeted treatment our team will provide expert advice to ensure a quick recovery.

The most important feature to our Injury Triage service is that the focus remains on keeping your team member at work wherever possible, rather than them being signed off work.  Why is this important?  For over 20 years we have been experts in Vocational Rehabilitation – we know that when an employee stays engaged with the workplace their recovery is much faster

Injury triage services involve a physiotherapy assessment with a view of diagnosing the injury, understanding the extent of the injury and objectifying safe functional abilities in relation to your work environment. Decisions can then be made regarding the need for onward referral to appropriate medical specialists, functional ability to stay at work, participate in light or alternate duties as part of a graduated full return to work, or need to take time off work, and timeframes with a treatment plan for optimal recovery.  Where more specialised rehabilitation is required to assist in a return to work Proactive is able to trigger a Stay at Work (SAW) programme either through ACC at no cost to your business, or privately.

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A dedicated Physiotherapist will be assigned to your business, and will be familiar with your work environment and work tasks through our Job Demands Analysis.  This enables the assessment and resulting information to be specific to both the type of injury and work needs.

The benefits to your business of our Injury Triage service that have been proven out over time include:

  • Access to specialist treatment within hours of the injury
  • A focus on staying at work wherever the injury allows means less lost time injuries and reduced ACC levies
  • Access to a dedicated Physiotherapist, familiar with your workplace
  • Keeping your staff member at work speeds up the recovery process
  • Effective and clear communication between your Physiotherapist and your workplace around what tasks the injured worker can still manage, timeframes for injury recovery, and what the treatment plan entails
  • Proactive are one of the few national ACC approved vocational/stay at work providers, providing you with end to end injury management services
  • Our Injury Triage services are available to all New Zealand businesses, whether rural or urban, large or small

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