Initial Occupational Assessment (IOA) and Vocational Independence Occupational Assessments (VIOA)

Where clients are unable or unlikely to return to their pre-accident work, an assessment by one of our experienced Vocational Consultants can help clients identify skills and potential new work options.  This is done under the Initial Occupational Assessment (IOA). Job options are based around the ANZSCO and ACC work detail sheets.  Training is also provided if required to help clients meet new job types. Our Vocational Consultants are innovative and if required work with agencies and clients to tailor a Job option or Job Description as well and work with our Occupational Medicine Specialists and ACC or other agency as required.

Vocational Independence Occupational Assessment (VIOA) is an assessment after a vocational rehabilitation programme (e.g. ACC BTW) that considers if the required training has been completed, and if the client is work ready from a skills perspective for the identified future work options.

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