Hearing Assessment Services

If your workplace exposes workers to noise levels above 85 decibels, then you are required to assess their hearing to ensure no workplace damage is occurring and any controls (like hearing protection) are working effectively. Annual checks are required to comply with the Approved Code of Practice for the Management of Noise in the Workplace.

Establishing baseline hearing of a worker when they are employed or prior to employment is also important to ensure that the worker is not bringing a hearing loss to the workplace and establishes an entry level of hearing that can be compared to annually.

Proactive’s hearing tests can be completed on site, if a suitable quiet room is available, within one of our mobile health clinics, or at our offices.

The check is designed to take 20 minutes and includes an otoscopic examination (reviewing ear canals/drums etc), hearing history, audiometry assessment (the hearing test) and noise conservation discussion with our nurse. Workers can be provided with an individual report on their hearing for their records and a companywide hearing report can also be provided outlining any sub optimal results and recommendations.

If further diagnostic hearing assessment is required by an Audiometrist, Proactive has established a partnership with a nationwide organisation, Audika, to complete free follow up checks.

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