Health Monitoring Services

Is your workplace environment putting workers’ health at risk?

Health monitoring is a way to check if the health of workers is being harmed from exposure to substances hazardous to heath while carrying out work and aims to detect early signs of ill-health or disease.

Every year 600-900 people die prematurely as a result of work-related ill health. Under the WorkSafe General Risk and Workplace Management Regulations (2016), an employer must undertake health monitoring if workers are carrying out ongoing work using substances hazardous to health and there is a risk to workers’ health because of exposure.

Our health monitoring services include:

Proactive can provide a range of vaccinations that support worker health and prevent harm including Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B and vaccinations for contagious illnesses like Whooping Cough.

We can consult with you on your risks that might require these vaccinations and arrange a nationwide vaccination programme.

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