Four Corners of Health Workshops

Wow your team with a Four Corners of Health interactive workshop.  We understand that when looking for the best health and wellbeing workshops, you are purchasing a programme that is delivered over the short term but provides staff, and ultimately your organisation, with multi-year (or lifetime) lasting benefits.  To this end we focus to a high degree on engaging staff members to ensure that the behavioural change ‘sticks’ and remains a constant.

Education and support around lifestyle behavioural changes is essential to enhance wellbeing and performance.  Our Wellbeing Workshops are set to engage staff on an individual level, and each staff member will hear messages that resonate with them that they can take away and implement in daily life.  Feedback on our workshops and presentations leads us to believe that we deliver sessions that are expert in terms of content, engaging in terms of delivery, interactive, energetic and provide the appropriate mix of theory and practical.

Topics that Proactive have expertise in delivering workshops on are varied but include each of our Four Corners of Health, as well as deeper dives into topics as wide as Fatigue Management, Chronobiology – your plan for optimising performance, Stress and the Brain, and Cognitive Enhancement.

Other topics include:

  • stress management
  • injury prevention
  • manual handling
  • weight loss and keeping active

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