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Remember the days when people used to say ‘my body is a temple’. At Proactive, we certainly still worship there and we have all the required expertise to fix our customers up physically.

But increasingly, different aspects of society—and plenty of researchers from a range of different fields—are realising wellbeing is not just about the fleshy bits. It’s holistic. And Proactive’s Four Corners of Health™ is a response to that.

So what are they and why do we focus on them? Firstly, they
 set us apart from our competitors. We are the only rehabilitation centre in the country to offer such a broad suite of options across mind, body and spirit. And secondly, it’s about the importance of addressing the four most crucial factors when
it comes to optimising recovery: Physical Function, Nutrition, Sleep and Mindset.

Rehabilitation and Results

After suffering from an injury, illness or other setback, your body’s resilience takes a big hit. So we assess each of these factors and create a bespoke plan that puts your body in
the best state to aid recovery. This Four Corners of Health™ model has evolved over the last 15 years, and it focuses on
areas of Fatigue Management, Pain Management, Vocational Rehabilitation, Corporate Health, Wellness services and, at times, acute physiotherapy. And because of this unique approach—and its proven effectiveness—the business has grown rapidly, we have achieved world-class results for our clients and grown our service team into world class providers. We’re confident that by applying this approach across our suite of services, that will continue.

To read more about our Four Corners of Health™ see here.

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