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Proactive’s Employee Assistance Programmes are not simply your run of the mill EAP services. We take a Wellbeing based approach and ensure that the services are tailored to meet an employee’s individual needs and aims to empower the employee to discover solutions to help overcome their difficulties.

Our EAP service initially provides a brief number of sessions (up to 3). If longer term assistance is required, we can advise other options outside of the employer funded EAP service. All services are led by a Psychologist, however Proactive employs a multidisciplinary approach to all of its services. This means that we can get the right person engaged with an individual to meet their needs.  We can dovetail the EAP services into services that will help an individual improve lifestyle habits, or if required escalate to psychiatry or medical input with our Psychiatrists and Occupational Physicians

The service provides employees with strategies to deal with any life and work issues that are impacting on wellbeing, encouraging individuals to take ownership and empowering them with the tools to overcome their situation.

Proactive’s Telepsychology service allows us to be flexible with appointment times, quick to respond to requests and enables us to fit our clients with the Psychologist who has the skills and experience to meet the needs of our clients.  All sessions are confidential between the individual and their psychologist, and where needed we are able to facilitate extra support through a clients GP or other healthcare practitioners

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