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Ngarama Milner-Olsen is an ex-pro Pulse Netballer who has transitioned to Triathlon, and she’s racing against the world’s best long distance triathletes in the 2015 Motala ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Champtionships in Sweden on 27 June, proudly supported by Proactive. In this blog, she tells us how she manages nutrition in order to maintain peak performance.

Nutrition is a key component to my training: to be able to sustain my training load and remain injury free.

I focus on 6 regular meals 3 hours apart throughout the day which consists of carbohydrates, protein and fruit for breakfast and vegetables for lunch and dinner – I find my metabolism speeds up when I’m in my heavy training load and my appetite increases, in this case I tend to increase my protein and carbohydrate intake post training to ensure I’m replacing what I’ve used in my training session to refuel my body.

Nutrition for training, racing and performance is an individual preference, I worked out the amount of carbohydrate, glucose/ electrolytes I need for the duration of the training session or race and also take into account the intensity of the session, I’ve found nutrition something that will change from time to time depending on your training intensity or phase of your training and it is important to be able to adjust. I take a food diary and note how my training went and what nutrition I used so I can look back and ensure I continue using the fuel that’s right for me to get the best out of my training – Nutrition is just like training “in working progress” something you’ll continually be making adjustments to, to get it right for you.

Protein Shake Post Training

A regular day for Nga with 2 x training sessions:

Breakfast: ½ cup rolled oats made with water, ½ Scoop Protein Powder, 2-3 tbsp yoghurt, small banana & my morning coffee J

Training: 1 ½ hours – cycle interval session (750ml – 1 litre water)

Post Training Snack: protein shake made with water & apple or pear

Lunch: anything with carb, protein and veges. Sandwich or wrap with lots of filling, sushi or roast vege salad or leftovers from dinner which is always great.

Afternoon Tea: 3-4 Corn Thins with cottage cheese & sliced tomato or 2 slices of toast with peanut butter & banana

Training: 1 ½ hours – swim session (750ml water)

Dinner: carb, protein & veges – last night’s dinner was Brown Lentil, Spinach, Beetroot & Beef Salad.

Post Recovery Snack

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