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DNA based performance and weight management is the exciting new frontier in health, fitness and wellbeing. The Proactive DNAFit PLUS test is a genetic deep-dive with results that help better personalise training, exercise and nutrition needs.

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When it comes to fitness training and diets, there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and now you don’t have to waste time with lengthy trial and error. Our DNA has the answer.

With just one simple mouth swab test sent via the post, you can reveal your own unique genetic abilities and predispositions, helping you reach your peak performance and make better training, diet and lifestyle choices. Everyone from complete beginners to professional athletes can benefit from Proactive DNAFit PLUS.


The Proactive DNAFit PLUS package includes the DNAFit Collection Kit, a comprehensive fitness and diet report based on your genetics, and a one hour one-on-one consultation with a Proactive DNAFit Certified Consultant who will go through the results with you. Proactive is the New Zealand distributor for the DNAFit product, developed in the UK.

Understand your personal genetic profile to:

  • Develop a training and exercise programme that works for you
  • Understand your injury risk and what to do to minimise this risk
  • Guide your intake and proportions of fat and carbohydrates
  • Understand your personal need for certain vitamins and antioxidants
  • Uncover your genetic predisposition to lactose, gluten, alcohol and coffee tolerance.


image001Your collection kit swab is tested for your variant of a selection of key genes associated with health, fitness, diet, and nutrition and weight management.

The test helps identify your genetic predispositions in key areas of fitness and diet. The results can help you optimise your training time, maximise the time you spend in the gym or exercising, and modify and better personalise your approach to diet and nutrition.

Proactive uses the Four Corners of HealthTM approach to complement the Proactive DNAFit PLUS package in your consultation with a special focus on your physical function, sleep, nutrition and mindset together to help you reach your goals.

Your individual Proactive DNAFit PLUS report deep-dives into the following key areas:


  • Power and Endurance Response
  • Post-Exercise Recovery Profile
  • Injury Risk Profile
  • Aerobic Trainability (VO2 Max)
  • Recovery Nutrition Needs


  • Ideal Diet Guide and Education
  • Carbohydrate and Saturated Fat Response
  • Lactose Intolerance & Coeliac Risk
  • Genes associated with Detoxification Ability
  • Genes associated with Antioxidant Needs
  • Genes associated with Vitamin & Micronutrient Need
  • Salt, Caffeine & Alcohol Sensitivity

Read our blogpost Using DNA to make better fitness and diet choices – how Proactive Director and keen Crossfitter Brendon Tod used DNAFit to change his approach to fitness training and diet.



Proactive people are passionate about health and wellbeing. Our Four Corners of HealthTM approach sets us apart and is present across our company and services. Many years’ experience has shown us that you can’t just treat the site of injury alone, the body doesn’t work that way.

Everything is intertwined in a delicate balance so our system addresses the four most crucial factors when it comes to optimising recovery and ensuring peak performance: Physical function, Nutrition, Sleep and Mindset.

We are one of the only rehabilitation and healthcare centres in New Zealand to offer a broad suite of health solutions across mind, body and spirit. We are very excited to be able to share Proactive DNAFit with New Zealand as a way to help improve life style, fitness and nutrition as part of our Four Corners of HealthTM approach.


  1. Purchase the Proactive DNAFit PLUS package and we’ll courier you a DNAFit Collection Kit complete with instructions for how to take your mouth swab. Fill in and sign the consent form and send the sample and form back to Proactive using the pre-addressed courier bag supplied.
  2. Proactive will be in touch with you to confirm we’ve received your test back and it will be sent off for analysis.  Once the analysis is complete (usually within 3 weeks of Proactive receiving your swab), we’ll be in touch with you to book in your one-on-one consultation and we’ll also sign you up to the Proactive Online Health Portal where you can access your comprehensive fitness and diet report.
  3. Come in to one of our clinics in Auckland, Wellington or Palmerston North for your one-on-one consultation or alternatively by Skype. Our Proactive DNAFit Certified Consultants will talk you through your report and results, help you to understand how you can modify your training, diet and lifestyle to your genetic potential.


Visit DNAFit’s helpdesk site for more information about:

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