DNA-based diet and exercise plans are the future of wellness

Personalised exercise and diet plans, based on your genes, are the new frontier in wellness trends.

As the health and wellness industry gets bigger and bigger, and the trends start arriving thick and fast, it can be almost impossible to know what solutions will work for you. What if there was a way to find out exactly which exercise and diet suit your body? No more guesswork, no more trial and error, no more feeling overwhelmed in the face of so many options. Welcome to the future of health: where you can now test your DNA and obtain your own personalised wellness plan.

The idea behind these DNA tests is simple: there are 45 genes that are believed to have an effect on how we respond to diet and exercise. The science is still relatively new – and scientists are still divided on whether or not the tests can be effective – but it is definitely a growing market.

Up until now, it’s really only been the domain for professional athletes who are looking to ‘hack’ their body to get smarter workouts and faster results. But by making the tests available to anyone willing to shell out $599 for the full process, it’s a whole new world for the health-curious who are looking to find out more about what foods and workouts work for and against their bodies.

Brendon Tod is a Kiwi clinical exercise physiologist and the creator of the rehabilitation and wellbeing company Proactive, which has brought DNAFit to New Zealand. Tod believes getting a scientific approach to wellness is the way of the future – quicker, easier and less dispiriting than making your way through a raft of contradictory expert opinions.

“This is a shortcut. It gives you more information about how your physiology will respond so you can use that to inform the choices you have. We’ve had a lot of athletes do this; we’ve also had a lot of people who just want to become healthier.”

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