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Congratulations to Ngarama Milner-Olsen for a bronze medal in the 2015 Motala ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships held in June. Proactive have been proud to support Nga with Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology through our Wellington City clinic and it’s been great to go on the race training journey with her. Now here’s the part we’ve all been waiting for – the race debrief.

I arrived in Sweden a week before race day and the lead up to the race was nice and relaxing. I did my specific training which was short and sharp and also familiarising myself with the course so I could mentally prepare myself. We stayed in a little Village called Vadstena which was perfect to relax and have time out.

On race morning I woke up to beautiful weather, probably the best day since arriving in Sweden. The start time was different to my previous races as we had a late race start, so again we had lots of time. I was relaxed and able to go through all my formalities of race morning ensuring all my gear is in working order and ready to go. There were so many conditioned athletes gearing themselves up ready to tackle their race. The swim was shorten to 1500m instead of 4000m due to the water temperature, this is where your mindset is really important in Triathlon you have to be prepared for the unexpected as anything can change so you have to be able to deal with things quickly and stay focussed.

We headed out into the water for our swim start, it was a deep water start so we had to tread water for 5mins before the start gun went off – Bang! Off we went, I had a plan to find my rhythm early and stick to it up until the turn point where I then tried to pick up the pace coming back. The water was a bit choppy but I was pleased on how I swam (26:22sec). The swim is what I’m most nervous about and the area I’m not as strong in, my goal was to swim strong and try and come out at least in the first half of my wave.

Running out of transition point 1 (T1) onto my bike leg, I was excited about this part of the race as I had been working with my Coach Kevin Nicholson on strengthening my bike section and being able to build my pace over the distance. The course was undulating and it had a few false flats which were deceptive, completing 3 x laps. I enjoyed the fact that you could see where everyone was on course and I was able to see other NZ competitors – which always gives you a boost of energy seeing your country out there. Coming to the end of the bike leg I felt good with how I raced (3:23sec), then I started to think about my run and how I was going to approach it. T2 finished smoothly and onto the run I went.

Wow I remember thinking I had to control myself as my legs were running away from me, I had to stay focused and remind myself about racing each 10km lap with control, I was running faster than I had planned, my Coach had said if you’re feeling good go for it! So I kept running at my pace I held it for about 24k then my legs started getting heavy, I pushed myself right to the end and was extremely happy with how I finished the run – at 2:29:29sec. The run course had to be one of the best courses I have run on, gorgeous lake front views, off-road forest and then back onto a gorgeous back drop of the lake front – absolutely stunning which made this race truly amazing on so many levels.

Thank you to Vijay and Proactive for your support and Four Corners of Health guidance over the past 3 months leading up to the Long Distance Triathlon World Champs. You got me to the start line well prepared and ready to race as best as I could. Third place exceeded my expectations! THANK YOU!

Nga’s Official Times:
Swim – 26:22sec
T1 – 3:52sec
Bike – 3:23:09sec
T2 – 2:08sec
Run – 2:29:29sec

Total Time – 6hours 25mins

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