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Karamu High School students get their hearing checked – Media Release April 2022

Karamu High School students were tested for their hearing as part of a partnership with the local community.

The Hastings Host Lions Club sponsored 100 Year 9 Karamu High School students to be screened by the National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Karamu High School principal Dionne Thomas says for the club to sponsor Hastings’ only co-ed school is really special.

“Our vision is Proudly Karamu, Proudly Hastings, Proudly Learning, so anything we can do that connects in with Hastings is something we really appreciate and value.

“Our strategic plan for the next five years is 50 per cent teaching and learning, and 50 per cent wellbeing, so to have something linked to physical well-being, like testing kids’ hearing, is really important for us.”

The Hearing Screening Programme for Year 9 students has rapidly expanded since the pilot began in 2019 thanks to the support of donors and partners.

It costs $65 to screen one child’s hearing, and those who fail the test criteria are given a referral through the NFDHH.

Hastings Host Lions Club Secretary Lynn Rogers says they heard about the programme purely by accident but are so pleased to have been able to help.

“We received a general email from the National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. As we are a charitable organisation, we like to support local, and where possible, youth, so we saw this as a great venture.”

Proactive Occupational Health Nurse Judy Walker says it is important young people are not falling through the cracks and can receive the support they need.

“It takes about 15 to 20 years to lose permanent hearing loss. The idea is prevention, so we get people on the right path, and they know how to look after their hearing better.”

While some results are more “concerning” than others, Mrs Walker says the ones to watch out for are those where speech is impacted.

“It’s been marvellous to give a few kids the change to get help.”

Year 9 student Teigan Rafferty says he is grateful to have been able to get his hearing checked.

The 13-year-old believes he was last screened during primary school but does what he can to minimise the risk of hearing loss.

“I think it is good to get your hearing checked because you don’t know whether it is going or not, and if you are losing it, you are then able to get hearing aids or support.”

Principal Dionne Thomas (second left) thanks Hastings Host Lions Club Secretary Lynn Rogers and member Sonia Walwyn with recently tested student Teigan Rafferty and Nurse Judy Walker (left).

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StaySafe is now part of Proactive – March 2022

Proactive and StaySafe Occupational Health & Safety Contracting Services Ltd have partnered together, with StaySafe merging to Proactive from December 2021.

StaySafe clients will continue to receive exceptional client care with the add on of a wider team through Proactive’s specialist network. This further enhance the services that can be offered to our current, and new clients, in Dunedin.

Through in-clinic and our mobile clinic choices, employers can feel assured that their employees are well looked after and receive a full spectrum of health and wellbeing services.

StaySafe and Proactive are proud to be joining together to continue providing excellence in the health and wellbeing of the people in our care.

StaySafe current clients are welcome to contact us through our details below:

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Proactive announces acquisition of WOHC Ltd – December 2021

We are excited to announce that from 1 December, Proactive has acquired WOHC Ltd – a nationwide provider of occupational health services.

In a statement, Brendon Tod, Proactive’s founder and CEO, shares his excitement in joining forces with one of the largest providers of occupational health services in New Zealand.

“We are really delighted to announce this recent acquisition of WOHC. They are a highly reputable provider of occupational health services, and their values and services truly resonate that of ours at Proactive. This integration will see the services we both provide energise the space we work in.”

WOHC will continue to operate as a standalone business beside Proactive, but together the opportunities for Kiwis and the staff between both companies are enhanced.

“Between both Proactive and WOHC we know we will be able to truly enhance the health and wellbeing of Kiwis across New Zealand as we become New Zealand’s most comprehensive provider of workplace health services. The integration also sees the realisation of the opportunity to advance the provision of a “one stop shop” 

for occupational health and wellbeing services – something that is often asked for by New Zealand Employers. Together we can significantly invest to the sector and provide more services to more people,” says Brendon.

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