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Check movement patterns when working out in the gym

There is nothing better than taking a healthy control of your life, setting some wellbeing goals and working on these in the gym. There are so many positives to getting fit and healthy, whether it is cardio-based, weights, movement classes or even body balance routines.

With all challenges however comes some cautionary tales and when exercise is not performed correctly it can put a significant strain on our body. Strain is the keyword with gym injuries, as most injuries are caused when we overstrain our tissues in a position they don’t really like. If we aren’t in the best biomechanical position or aligned correctly the whole way through our joints we run the risk of creating damage to the tissue.

What can you do to make sure you are not overstraining? Well the first thing is get some help, whether that help is a gym instructor, personal trainer or for full biomechanical review your physiotherapist. Then together really focus on moving correctly, with good muscle balance and effectively. Secondly take control of the exercise or movement, you should be able to repeat that exercise several times with good form and not feel you have lost control of the weight/action at any time. Finally once you have learnt the things you need to improve, maybe grab a gym buddy to act as a spotter. Together you can help each other move better than ever before.

Most importantly exercise is fun, so enjoy the challenge of gaining movement perfection and I can guarantee you that you will feel the benefits and achieve safer, more effective results. Most injuries are due to a faulty movement pattern or imbalance in muscle activating, so get it balanced, move well, help each other recognise your challenges and get well.

Suzie Belcher
Proactive Hutt City

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