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Founded in 1999, Proactive is a leading health and wellbeing service provider across Aotearoa, New Zealand. From injury treatment and rehabilitation through to a full offering of workplace occupational health services, we provide integrated services and care that are meaningful for Kiwis.

At Proactive we have over 200 staff who bring their best self to work each day to engage with our clients with a natural, understanding, and proactive approach.We proudly care for more than 50,000 Kiwis to get back on their feet every year! We’re looking for exceptional people to be part of our journey in providing Kiwis an integrated and holistic service.

We proudly provide a service that is bespoke, holistic, and expert in nature. We tailor our service to meet an individual’s needs. Taking an all-encompassing approach, we view the person through our Four Corners of Health. We focus on treating the injury at hand and provide preventative measures for the future, including connecting with other experts in our group for further health and wellbeing support

We engage with our clients through our natural, understanding, and proactive engagement values. As a provider we partner with our clients to understand the whole person working together to create a tailored and unique plan that meets the needs of our clients to get them back to doing what they love doing most. Embodying our name into our engagement values shows that each Proactive staff member is a restless problem-solver, constantly evolving, and always seeking out the answers to achieve amazing results for our clients whilst always going the extra mile.

Proactive offers a structured two-year clinical education programme for Physiotherapy graduates transitioning into their first year of clinical practice. Our Graduate Programme provides you with the opportunity to consolidate your learning and develop your clinical skills by working alongside our highly experienced interdisciplinary team of allied health and medical clinicians.

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Proactive are wanting the next crop of superstar OTs, Physiotherapists, and Clinical Psychologists from around the world to join our great team in New Zealand. This is more than a career change; it’s a lifestyle change. Across New Zealand, you can find everything from untamed wilderness to rich culture.

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Every health professional’s career is a journey. We all have different needs at different points along the way. The problem is, we will hit a road block that stops our progress. We accept our fate with nowhere to go or we sidestep it and leave the profession.

At Proactive, we get that, so we’ve created opportunities that will fit into where you are located in your career and your life. We’ve bulldozed the road block, and created pathways to extend or rejoin your journey so a career in health is more than just a case load.

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